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        • Time: 2014-11-20
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           Process beauty medicine group, Chinese medicine extract project main extraction technology including: traditional Chinese medicinal materials pretreatment, solvent extraction (water or alcohol extraction technology), refined (column adsorption, separation technology), concentration (high vacuum evaporation technology at low temperature), dry (spray drying, vacuum belt drying quickly technology). My company did choose to extract of Chinese herbal medicine from the raw material net to extract powder of various important production link, are carried out in strict accordance with GMP standards, workshop production and clean areas commonly, abortion and logistics strictly separated, prevent cross contamination between production processes, to ensure the quality of produce qualified products, from all the production equipment are all made of stainless steel material manufacturing. Inspection standard and inspection equipment, in line with international standards, using HPLC, GC and UV, according to GMP standard, determine the each craft link in the process of production test index, test methods and test equipment, to ensure that the final product has reached the international advanced level.
        Extracts from these will be used as traditional Chinese medicine, food and additive in natural cosmetics raw material, the standard and the process does not involve the use of intellectual property rights. Compared with the existing technology, beauty group company developed extract has a unique advantage, all reagents are in the process of water or ethanol, without using any organic solvent and other packing, harmful to human body is a "green" natural extracts. And ethanol can be recycled, not only ensure the cost is reduced, also ensure the purity extracts.
        Beauty today tianjin pharmaceutical group's products have been exported to USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, the European Union, South Africa and in over 20 countries.