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        • Time: 2014-11-20
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          Tianjin beauty medicine group spend large sum of money to build the domestic first-class scientific research, development, information exchange, technical cooperation in one group, a subsidiary of a drug research institute. Is composed of a strong technical force expert team, equipped with advanced detection means and a sound quality control system. Scientific and rigorous academic atmosphere, advanced scientific research equipment, capacious and bright work environment, attracted a large number of staff who are here to make home, returned, PhD, has well back from the domestic academic leaders, many students of blood fang has a doctoral degree or above accounted for 10%, master degree or above accounted for 25%, bachelor degree above 90%. People from all over the world gather hereat, relying mainly on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) modernization development formed a scientific research group, constantly updating, up the steps again, make contributions to beauty brilliant tomorrow.
          Group attaches great importance to the development of new products, 2003, only 6.4% of the company's total revenue for new product development projects. Medicine research of science and technology personnel according to market demand, actively promote research and development of high and new technology products, form the development of generation, production generation, listed generation, reserve generation of product structure.
           After GMP certification through, medicine research of scientific research personnel after the scientific, rigorous market research developed with independent intellectual property rights of new drug indapamide dropping pill preparation, ready for mass production. This product is the national exclusive varieties, to the treatment of cardiovascular disease and hypertension patients have significant curative effect. Developed with independent intellectual property rights after the 5 kinds of new drug lovastatin dropping pill dropping pill, captopril, farmer for dropping statins, 9 class new medicine dropping pill lamps, dropping pill (SDA) is the declaration, etc. To treat the disease of heart head blood-vessel, gastric and duodenal ulcer, prostatitis, and many other symptoms have significant curative effect, to promote the beauty of the new development injected strong power! At present, the company intends to generic drugs on one hand, to prepare for production, develop health care products on the other hand, there have been dozens of has been exported to South Africa and other countries.