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        • Time: 2014-11-20
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          German Schwab company development EGB761 standard of ginkgo biloba extract experience we realize that advanced quality standard has important scientific significance and economic value.
        Beauty standard extracts of traditional Chinese medicine quality standard from the latest international standards, such as the United States pharmacopoeia USP27 - NF22. No international standard can depend on, to reach the domestic advanced level quality standards.
          Beauty of TCM extract main varieties are: acanthopanax, salvia miltiorrhiza, notoginseng, red yeast rice, eucommia bark, ginkgo biloba, grape seed extract, green tea, pomegranate husk, cranberry, herbal tea, hawthorn, kiwi fruit, beans, mushrooms, pine bark, rhodiola, multi-layer tower, white willow leather, giant knotweed, purple Daisy, Chinese wolfberry, epimedium, milk thistle, Chinese caterpillar fungus, gynostemma, dandelion, etc. More than 200. Which has completed development, currently has a mature technology of notoginseng, salvia miltiorrhiza, acanthopanax, red yeast rice, eucommia bark, ginkgo biloba, grape seed, Chinese wolfberry, epimedium, yellow and so on nearly 20 kinds. Extracts from these will be used as traditional Chinese medicine, food and additive in natural cosmetics raw material, the standard and the process does not involve the use of intellectual property rights. Compared with the existing technology, beauty group company developed extract has a unique advantage, all reagents are in the process of water or ethanol, without using any organic solvent and other packing, harmful to human body is a "green" natural extracts. And ethanol can be recycled, not only ensure the cost is reduced, also ensure the green natural extracts.