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        Medical sage who appeared beauty medicine group boost the Chinese dream

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          Recently, medical sage zhang zhongjing, who the statue of li shizhen beauty medical group in tianjin science and technology information formally completed floor hall. Two statue adopt China hainan chrysanthemum pear tree root monolith well-crafted 5699, in the wooden grain clarity is fluent, colour nature full. Both highlight and profound cultural connotation of traditional Chinese medicine, and elegant cultural temperament and taste. "Li shizhen" tree staff in hand, to numerous mountains and rivers, through the vicissitudes of life, and saving their nation a fair death honors the whole life. "Zhang zhongjing" ku springing, for the people in addition to disease, magnum opus, the revision of the benefit o, that lasts. Its carving exquisite and vivid characters, lifelike, as if the two sages mami, through one thousand, help beauty medicine group round of "humanities and science and technology, green health" civilian power China dream.


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