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        Resources Overview

          Employees are the lifeblood of enterprise development the most precious. If you don't have high efficiency, high ability of staff to sustain the planning, operation and development of the enterprise, it is a good product can only be kept in the cradle, without success comes a day. Our enterprise mission is through effective management mechanism and strict execution of the running mode, create a good cultural atmosphere for the employees, for employees to create the opportunity of fair competition and to stand out, to create the ideal promotion and personal development opportunities, thus establishing talent incentive mechanism, do our utmost to provide every employee an ideal compensation and benefits, as well as the ideal working conditions and environment. Make every employee should have a career opportunities at the same time, with full development in pride and satisfaction from work, and make the employees at the same time, the company has a strong sense of belonging and consciousness, the potential of the energy released that must help the business of the company's efficient development and long-term development.
          More importantly, we every senior management will have the same high personnel management concept: strategizing, task will be. Humanistic quality, the only difference, in fact, every employee is a talent, the key lies in how to use effective ways to make employee's potential ability to efficiently. In this way, our managers to employees in the face of this difference, found that the differences, the differences, respect, and use these differences appropriately. Only in this way, every employee labor value can be reflected, his dignity can be implemented.
        Open and public
          All staff related policies, rules and other once introduced, we will advise by various means every employee, let every employee knows their own power and obligation. If, in contrast, employees on the job, life have complicated and difficult, in such aspects as we welcome at any time with competent until the President to talk about.
        Care and respect
          No matter between the company and employees, or between the employees and employees respect and care about each other, we all want to do to make you feel working in a company to make a fun, like family and friends, colleagues around the support each other and love each other.
        Train, exercise, bring up talented people
          Looking to the future, the company hope that through constant training and management experience, gradually improve the staff's personal knowledge and career development, let each employee and the company grow together, and cultivate talented employees as management, leadership business, create a new business model, to contribute to the development of the new company.
          Establishing harmonious labor relations and combine company and the employee's goal, let every employee to grow together with our company.