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        Low company value and respect each employee creativity.
          Neither position is high or low, just different division of labor, the company is willing to each employee in the position to provide a creative space, and encourage employees to constantly for the creative potential and specialty;
        Company incentive and advocacy of every employee to do diligently study, thinking man.
          Diligently that spark of passion flashing constantly, it can constantly dash out Big - the idea;
        The company respect every employee's personality, but also emphasize individual and organization common compatible.
          Advocacy of "individual and common development of enterprises. This way, the company adhere to the principle of openness, impartiality and fairness. Encourage every creative, productive employees.
        Low company efforts in the management practice of such ideas: ensure that employees work and life, and constantly improve the moral quality.
          Let every dedicated to the beauty of the per capita become valuable people and social civilization.