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          In haikou city as the center, including wenchang, anding, ChengMai three cities and counties. Focus on the development of cultural entertainment, conference and exhibition, business, catering, golf, finance, insurance, education training, real estate and other modern service industry and car manufacturing, biological pharmacy, food processing, such as high and new technology industry.

          Including qionghai, mannings two cities. Develop characteristic agriculture, ocean fisheries, coastal tourism, tropical agricultural product processing industry, etc. According to the condition, the appropriate layout characteristic tourism projects, build cultural industry agglomeration area.

        Scope of planning

          Planning area south to TunChang and QiongZhong bounded on the boundary between the two counties, west along the two cases of the first storey mountain ridge line around the reservoir, north to the nearest tripterygium wilfordii beach reservoir road (jean kay village to south lu farm there was hardening roads), the northeast along the ridge lines and lines (including gong reservoir), southeast to color the reservoir on the east side (including maple town in the stone village). Planned area of 37.02 square kilometers, of which the water area of 3.45 square kilometers.

        Planning division

        Regional planning for the six major functional areas:

          Wooden lubricious lake provincial scenic spot
          South Lv Shanlin development area
          Eastern central plains development area
          The southern hills development project
          South lu farm service base
          Maple town comprehensive service base

        Planning structure

        Planning structure as follows:
          A heart, three-ring, four area, more
          One: BBS, meeting, theme hotels and public service area;
          Third ring road, south north three ring, color side of hunan public leisure services, keeping in good health holiday leisure lubricious lake ecological and tripterygium wilfordii beach leisure experience ring;
          Four area: refers to the tourism functional area of the formed from south to north
          The distribution of the multipoint: according to the tour line several nodes.
        Functional partition
        Six major functional areas:
          Water conservation
          Ecological restoration area
          Outdoor sports theme park
          Tropical botanical garden
          Tropical rain forest park
          Lakeside resort