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        Group Introduction
        Corporate Culture

          When very beauty group with the bell of the new century strongly stand on this land, to the new century beauty epoch-making cultural programme. Enterprises in yunnan repeatedly in the flow of ideas from the market to develop the blueprint: we should create a culture of management, to choose suitable to our, restraining, to build on the basis of the process of organization, and in the organization's ability to execute undeniable sustains the lifeblood of enterprise in the burgeoning high-tech wave.
          Execution, personally, is to want to do do ability to succeed; For the enterprise, is a long-term strategic ability to implement step by step. When the enterprise's strategic direction has been confirmed or basic, execution becomes the most critical at this moment. Strategy and implementation is like the relationship between the theory and practice of the theory to guide practice   orientation, but practice can be used to the correctness of the inspection and correction theory, a enterprise must be built to last a long business strategy and implementation phase.
          In China, the market has experienced many amazing twist. As an enterprise, the macro and conformity with the actual strategy has in large and small enterprises in China is understandable. When we decided to carry forward Chinese herbal medicine career, we start with the aid of this ancient culture origin, on efficient execution we insist on the advocacy of theory and practice. Continuously adhere to and change, we are experiencing success failure in advance; Left and sublimation, we taste the loneliness and joy, it is this alternate, makes us firm faith and the resolve to seek success. In this course we one step a footprint, toward the sun rise where high holding our sound don't extinguish the torch.

        Passion achievements classic, innovation for development.
        Development achievements great, great casting

        Humanistic scientific and technological achievements of green health

          People-centric is that we follow the principles of science and technology innovation, if out of humanities science and technology, will become rigid, also lost to the service object;
          Science is the first productive force. The world is changing, our thoughts and actions to also go. The history of science and technology is constantly being a record, we must continue to set new standards, to meet the changing needs of this age.
          Health is we pursue career goals, but also a way to target, "green" is the direct embodiment of this way; Is indubitable medical science of traditional Chinese medicine, is China's outstanding traditional culture has universal concept of thorough popular feeling. We deeply feel that bigger, more in-depth development of traditional Chinese medicine of the excellent situation is coming. Green, science and technology, humanities and advocate the cure the disease, since ancient times, take medicine of traditional Chinese medicine of natural green health coincides with mine. We hope to "person" as the starting point, with the aid of the power of science and technology, through a more natural way, make human enjoy real and healthy life.


          Signs to three word "people" as the basic structure, the combination with clever the modelling of the beauty of composition Aaron first "M" word, the Chinese character "people" with the letter "M" the two together, form the base of logo graphics.
          "Three people" is closely linked to form a whole, the moral beauty enterprise unity upward, people-oriented, for the benefit of humanity, contributing to society in the spirit of enterprise, at the same time embodies the beauty of people, take the bull by the horns, indomitable spirit and the heroic scaling new heights; Signs in the sun for the foil, symbolic beauty enterprise heyday, vibrant, thriving good; Marks on the basis of red color, give a person with enthusiasm, bold and unrestrained, auspicious, peaceful feeling; Strong visual effects between red and white.
          This symbol modelling concise, lively colour, and easy to understand, easy to remember, easy to identify, has a strong sense of time.